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Welcome Letter

Welcome letter

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to our website on behalf of all our professors, staff and students. Our school has produced 13500 engineers and technicians since its inception in 1984 making significant contributions to the development and prosperity of our nation in the process.   
Through our phased education system, we prepare students in civil engineering, architecture, road and bridge construction, plumbing, electrical engineering and food science. As an institution in constant pursuit of providing top-quality education, one of our current top priorities is the introduction of the CDIO framework into our curriculum.
We established the Technology and Innovation Center in order to foster the cooperation between educational institutions and businesses in addition to introducing groundbreaking research and ideas into the road and bridge construction, civil engineering, energy management and agriculture sectors. 
In an environment with rapidly developing technology, it is our responsibility to produce engineers with the following attributes:
HUMILITY – compassionate individuals with an awareness of their environmental impact,
EDUCATED – highly knowledgeable individuals with a high level of education,
WISDOM - innovative and disciplined individuals who possess a high level of initiative.
Knowledge is power and the 21st century is the century of knowledge. The production of Mongolian engineers capable of global thinking and whose knowledge is disseminated globally is the foundation upon which Mongolia will develop, thereby increasing living standards. The pursuit of knowledge based decision making in any industry serves as a guarantee of their independence.   
Our doors are open to those who aspire to become knowledgeable, capable engineers and technicians as well as anyone who seeks to develop a long and fruitful cooperation with us in research as well as other areas.
Kind Regards,

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