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Library resources

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Mission Statement:  We strive to provide state of the art research and resources in order to fully facilitate the learning environment of our students.

Our library encompasses and area of 472  with 156 individual reading areas. Divided into “A” and “B” sections, it provides 20 computers connected to both our intranet and the internet.  Private work and study areas are also available to clientelle with three professional librarians working during the operational hours of the library. Further information on the library is available at our school website www.iet.edu.mn and a comprehensive list of our library resources are available at www.Lib.iet.mn.

Our resources are also available through version 1.9.7 of the Lib4U Net software. Students also have the opportunity to search necessary resources from the libraries of other schools through the program. We also have resource exchange agreements with the Mongolian National Library and the Hangai University library. Moreover, we benefit from the Books for Mongolia project of the American Center for Mongolian Studies which allows us to offer our students information on cutting edge research in their areas in addition to self-development and general interest resources. We constantly work in conjunction with the Consortium of Mongolian libraries to conduct advanced training and seminars.

By regularly ordering both domestic and international publications, we make our clientele privy to the latest developments in their fields of expertise. During the 2016-2017 academic year, we made required educational resources available to our students increasing the usage and turnover of our library resources. The quantity and variety of our resources continue to increase year by year.

In order to foster a more active learning environment, we regularly conduct programs such as meetings with authors, various essay and poem competitions, book expositions, and tours of our library to incoming students.

Library infrastructure

1.       Reading Area A

Capacity: 78

Area: 153.6  

Purpose: Reading area A provides students with their course material and resources for their thesis or projects. It also possesses a workshop for construction blueprints and reading desks made available through the funding of Millennium Challenge Account. The comfort of students during their studies is also facilitated through a Wi-Fi connection and computers with internet connection. New resources and exhibitions are widely publicized through our website.

2.      Library Help Desk

Purpose: The library help desk loans our clientelle any of the 3000 resources in accordance with library policies. It not only possesses feedback mechanisms but also incorporates them into their operations.

   3.       Reading Area B

Capacity: 44

Area: 102.6   

Purpose: Section B provides an opportunity to conduct independent study as well as room to conduct meetings and seminars. It possesses 20 computers connected to the internet as well as an e-library room. Students can access resources published by their teachers as well as various programs they would need.

 4.     General interest reading area

Capacity: 12

Area: 54.6  

Inventory:  -     2689 books in English

-          2212 books in Russian

-          2399 publications in Russian and Mongolian

-          1026 DVDs and CDs

-          Daily newspapers

-          Thesis and project works


5.        Main library

 Area: 40.2  

 Inventory: 5,747 books in Mongolian comprising 26,000 copies

-          Literature – 2189

-          Architecture – 397

-          Linguistics – 2244

-          Philosophy and Psychology – 351

-          Social Science – 2925

-          Construction – 1907

-          Environment  – 2575

-          Geology – 406

-          Management – 343

-          Information Technology – 718

-          Induction methods – 304

-          Food Science – 519

-          General interest – 11,898


6.       Librarian’s room

Area: 18.3

Purpose: A source of information for clientele. The full comfort of the librarians during their work is provided.


7.       Maintenance Station

Purpose: Carrying out everyday maintenance of defective resources


8.       Dormitory Library

Capacity: 40

Area: 76.4

Purpose: Provides students in the dormitory with over 500 professional books and works of literature. The library is equipped with an internet connection and printing facilities.


Working Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 19:00

Lunch break: 13:00 – 14:00

Weekends: Closed

Note: Working hours will be extended during term exams

Library e-catalogue:  www.lib.iet.mn

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